We are foundtech

We are a brand from the Foundamentality group and strategic partners of Bim Facility AG in Switzerland.

Based on the BIM Methodology we develop DIGITAL TWINS of your facilities and processes. Going from a 3D scanning, resulting with a view like Google Street to the modeling of your construction systems and facilities.

Our partner in Switzerland is BIM FACILITY AG, whom we have been working closely with, sharing knowledge, work culture and projects, which benefits our work team in Mexico and of course our clients.

Manuel Seañez - Managing Director

We currently operate client projects in Europe and we are starting operations in LATAM; we maintain collaboration agreements with Universities in Mexico and the United States.

We have the most advanced technological tools such as drones, last generation 3D scanners, high-performance computers, methodologies and a human team trained by our strategic partner in Switzerland, BIM FACILITY AG; that allow us to deliver the solution quickly, with high quality and competitive prices.

Our Mission

Is to generate the most efficient DIGITAL TWINS regarding precision, quickness, Return of Investment (ROI) and high value information for our clients.

Our Vision

Is to contribute directly to the SUSTAINABILITY of the world’s operations and resources.

“Join the new reality”


We are strategists in Digital Transformation, cultural transformation, experts in industrial plant operations, BIM coordinators, BIM Managers, FM Managers and strategic alliances with Foundamentality, BIM Facitily AG, UJED and Florida Polytechnic University.

Our objective is to guarantee the success of our clients, which is why we put all of our resources and experience into each project.

Manuel Seañez


Sergio Seañez

Cultural Transformation

Matias Wasen

Digital Transformation

Sergio Franco

BIM Coordinator

Sarahi Corral

BIM Modeler

Carlos Castro

BIM Modeler

Andrea Rangel

BIM Modeler

Elvis Nieto

BIM Modeler

Karla Espino

BIM Modeler

Silvia Díaz

BIM Modeler

The future is TODAY, join the new reality and begin to have savings in time and operational costs.


Digital Twins for your industry

  • The entire existing area was scanned and modeled. This is the perfect base to make important decisions in the improvement of the property. Designers and developers use the same BIM model for all the works (Architecture, MEP).

  • The existing building in the Claraspital Area in Basel is going to be replaced for a new 4-floor building. A complete BIM model of the adjacent areas was developed. More than 2,500 scans were taken, translated to cloud points and a BIM Model was created. Beside the architecture model, also all the installations (MEP) were modeled, including special systems such as Gases, pneumatic tubes, etc.

  • Se generaro un visualizador 3D (Google Street View) y se modelaron todos los sistemas y subsistemas operativos como tuberías, tanques, estructuras, etc.

  • SPAR Handels opened its doors in Switzerland in 2020 and took over more than 60 gas stations. These stations became SPAR Express and with this the market expansion increased. To achieve the equipment and conversion to the Corporate Identity, high precision scans were taken in every store. Very precise scans were required because the furniture and cabinets in the plans had to be adapted to the environment.

  • Früh Verpackungstechnik AG is a leading packaging company and manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions for medical and pharmaceutical products. For the construction projects Früh Verpackungstechnik incorporates into BIM methodology.

  • As part of the large and complex construction project HALF1/2 of the USZ a BIM4FM (BIM for Facility Management) strategy is anchored in the operations management.

    Vista aerea de zurich
  • A renovation and modernization of the Metropol Cinema was planned. In order to rethink the complex movie rooms as well as the annexes, scans and a 3D model of the cinema interior were requested.

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